The series MR-H FC INVERTER offers two functions in one cabinet: the chiller function and the free-cooler function.

The main advantage of this type of machines is the extremely easy installation: one inlet and one outlet for the water circuit and only one electrical connection.

MR-H FC INVERTER are equipped with two rows of fans, one of the rows is dedicated  to the free-cooler and the other row is dedicated to the chiller.

This is the best way to grant high reliability to the system and easy cleaning of the finned coils both of the chiller and of the free-cooler.

Three models are forming the extremely high efficiency series  MR-H/FC-INVERTER, which includes the most advanced technical solutions presently available on the market, having cooling capacities from  90 kW to 200 kW. All the three models grant the highest possible efficiency at any thermal load.

We can easy calculate in few minutes the ROI of a new chiller with free cooler and INVERTER.