Water cooled water chillers

A water cooled chiller is an industrial water chiller that uses an external source of chilled water to remove heat from the condenser.
As a rule, chillers of this type are mainly installed in the premises.
Capacitors can be cooled in several ways:

  • using a dry cooling tower (free-cooler);
  • using a traditional tower tower with an open contour;
  • water supplied to the condenser from the urban water network.

Industrial water coolers with water cooled condensers are preferably used in the following cases:

  • in centralized systems with high cooling capacity - it allows to avoid temperature increase in the production premises, when it is not possible to install air-cooled monoblock chillers using centrifugal fans;
  • in case there is not enough space for installation of air-cooled chillers having a large size compared with a water-cooled version;
  • when creating a system of energy saving in production - in this case it is possible to save electricity using cold water coming from a dry cooling tower;
  • if individual cooling of consumers with different parameters in production is necessary, small chillers installed near the process equipment are used for this.