Chillers for clean rooms

IBC Systems can provide technical support, design, supply and commissioning for clean rooms both in Italy and abroad.
We can provide partial supply or the complete service and a turn-key system.
When it is necessary to have a clean space of limited dimensions, we can propose modular and compact solutions, easier to manage, such as fix or movable clean boxes and laminar flow hoods.
When the process or production cycle require a very clean environment, a clean room is necessary.
A clean room is designed, installed and must be managed to guarantee the required cleanness in conformity to the specific regulations.
A clean room must meet the requirements of the three fundamental principles:

  • The clean room must keep the internal environment at positive (higher than the external one) controlled pressure, with higher pressure in the most sensible areas, to avoid polluting flux of air entering in those areas.
  • The main building components (walls, doors, ceiling etc.), furnishings, apparatuses, clothes and everything that enters in the room must be suitable for this use and guarantee low particles release.
  • The air conditioning system must be independent from other systems, suitable to guarantee the purity of the fresh air and optimum air pressure, temperature and humidity for the process and the people all year long.