Mould Dryers MD

Mould Dryer provide is the optimal solution to improve productivity, reduce scraps and granting long life to the mould.

Mould dryer to prevent moisture condensation on the mould surface.

Main Applications:

  • fast moulding cycles for closures
  • preforms moulding
  • thin wall containers, pails, etc.
  • blow moulding
  • further applications of fast moulding

Mould Dryer provide is the  optimal  solution to improve productivity, reduce scraps and granting long life to the mould.

Available 8 models up to 3600 m3/h


  • outlet dew point down to -10°C
  • dehumidification system based on solid adsorbing dessicants, using a rotor made of active metal silicates
  • air flow from 280 to 3600 m3/h


  • air ducts
  • hood for injection or blow moulding machine
  • absolute filter