Single temperature centralized system

This type of circuit provides chilled water at one temperature by means of water chillers, connected to one piping system that distributes the water to the users.

Integrated solution with free-coolers to save energy:

  • free-cooler operating with brine (water+glycol)
  • self draining free-cooler operating without glycol

Integrated solution with free-cooler in an existing circuit – pressurized circuit with brine

  • The free-cooler is automatically switched on when ambient air is sufficiently cold; this provides a pre-cooling of brine in the free-cooler reducing the operating time of the compressors.
  • It has to be installed outdoors and brine  has to be used to prevent freezing (if ambient temperature can drop close to 0°C)

Benefit: Energy Saving,

  • the free-cooler has no compressor and uses ambient air to directly cool brine

Annual energy saving can be higher than 50% !

Integrated solution with FCE self draining free-cooler in an existing pressurized circuit – no glycol

  • With the self draining solution glycol is not necessary
  • The FCE self draining free-cooler is installed in outdoors and operates automatically  when ambient air is sufficiently cold; this provides a pre-cooling of water in the free-cooler  reducing the operating time of the compressors.
  • When the system is not working or in case of black-out, the FCE unit automatically drains the water preventing  freezing, even if no glycol has been added to water;

Benefits:  Energy saving

  • The free-cooler has no compressor and uses ambient air to directly cool water
  • Reduced environmental impact as no glycol is necessary

Annual energy saving can be higher than 50% !