Individual temperature control of the users

This kind of circuit is specifically intended for systems where independent temperature control is necessary for each user circuit:

  • Temperature control units have to be installed for each user to provide independent temperature and water flow.
  • Minibox, water cooled units, for installation side by side to the user machine.
  • Minibox units can be used to chill and temperature control one or two independent circuits.
  • A centralized free-cooler provides cold water/brine to all the temperature controllers, Minibox units and to the hydraulic circuits of the injection moulding machines.


  • Maximum flexibility to manage independent temperature and flows
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Accurate quality of the moulded pieces
  • Optimized cycle times and higher productivity
  • Higher energy efficiency in comparision with a centralized circuit (dedicated cooling for each user)
  • Simplified installation of the water pipe circuit
  • Energy savings:
    — it is possible to inlcude free cooling operating mode on the moulds circuits
  • The free-cooler is automatically switched to a lower temperature when ambient air is sufficiently cold; this provides a pre-cooling of water/brine in the free-cooler reducing the operating time of the compressors of the MINIBOX chillers; this option is available in two versions:
    — Energy recovery by means of a direct mixing of water from the free-cooler with process water for the moulds
    — Energy recovery by means of an indirect free-cooling mode; in this case process water is chilled by the free-cooler water/brine through a heat -exchanger
  • The free-cooler has to be installed outdoors;
  • two versions are available:
    — Self-draining “FCE” Free-cooler (working without glycol)
    — “FC” Free-cooler, which has to be used with glycol to prevent freezing, if ambient temperature can drop below 0°C

Benefit: Energy Saving

  • the free-cooler has no compressor and uses ambient air to directly cool water/brine