Double centralized circuit with two independent temperatures

This type of circuit is used to provide two independent water temperatures, to chill different users with:

  • one circuit designed to chill low temperature users (such as moulds) using water chillers;
  • one circuit designed to chill medium-high temperature users (such as the hydraulic systems) using free-coolers;


  • the free-coolers provide water/brine cooling without any compressor, thus performing energy saving

Integrated solution with a second free-cooler combined with the chiller on the low temperature circuit to reduce power consumption and save energy

Installation of a second free-cooler – pressurized circuit with glycol 

  • During the hot seasons the free-coolers provide cooling for the hydraulics of the inj.moulding machines;
  • During the cold seasons one free-cooler provide cooling for the moulds, the second free-cooler keeps on cooling the hydraulics of the inj. moulding machines.


  • Higher energetic efficiency (the fluid in the high temperature circuit requires a lower power consumption);
  • better temperature control of the hydraulic oil (constant temperature along while year)

Annual energy saving can be up to 90% !

Integrated solution with FCE self draining free-cooler in an existing pressurized circuit – no glycol FCE 

  • With the self draining solution glycol is not necessary.
  • The FCE self daining free-cooler is installed in outdoors and operates automatically when ambient air is sufficiently cold; this provides a pre-cooling of water in the free-cooler reducing the operating time of the compressors.
  • When the system is not working or in case of black-out, the FCE unit automatically drains the water preventing freezing, even if no glycol has been added to water.

Benefits: Energy Saving

  • the free-cooler has no compressor and uses ambient air to directly cool water.
  • reduced environmental impact as no glycol is necessary.

Annual energy saving can be up to 90% !