Chillers for industrial fluids MEC

The MEC series of self-contained chillers have been designed for cooling of different fluids such as glycol and water mix, hydraulic oils, cutting fluids for industrial applications.

The water chiller temperature range is from +5°C to +30°C.

The oil chiller temperature range is from +20°C to 45°C.

All units are suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40°C.

The following versions are available for each single unit:

  • Version W is suitable for low viscosity fluids; it is not equipped with any pump and tank;
  • Version OP is suitable for medium viscosity fluids; it is not equipped with any pump and tank;
  • Version WP (for water) and Version OP (for oil) are equipped with a pump and without a tank; they are suitable for working in open or closed loop circuits which are complete with a tank (hydraulics, cutting oils, diathermic oil);
  • Version WVP is suitable only for water and low viscosity fluids; these units are supplied with a tank and pump. The built-in open tank of the WVP version is made of stainless steel and easy to clean. They are suitable for working in closed loop circuits which do not provide a tank (high speed spindles, spot welding machines, laser);
  • Version EI is useful for cooling "dirty" fluids; It provides a cleanable evaporator and is complete with a pump; it is supplied without any tank.

Each unit is selected, according to the type of fluid, with a different evaporator enabling the highest machine performance and reliability:

  • Finned coil evaporator plunged into a tank is suitable for units cooling water, water and glycol mix or low viscosity fluids;
  • Stainless steel brazed plate evaporator used in chillers without a tank for cooling any clean fluid;
  • Cleanable evaporator for “dirty” fluids.

The pump is selected according to the type of fluid to be cooled:

  • Peripheral or centrifugal pump for water, water and glycol mix, other fluid mix.