Integrated cap treatment Cap Box


Cap production cycle times are getting shorter and shorter. Part weight and wall thickness are also continuously decreasing . For these reasons it has become necessary to have highly efficient cooling of the closures and a comprehensive quality control system.

Equipment can be provided as an integrated solution or separately for specialized, specific functions.

CapBox is a complete line of machines designed and manufactured by Green Box to deliver high quality closures and handle faster production rates and shorter cycle times.

The line consists of:

  1. Cap Feeder: Cap Conveyor System to feed the Cap Cooler
  2. Cap Cooler: Cap Cooling and Stabilizing System
  3. Orienting System: Cap Orienting System to feed the Quality Control Unit
  4. Cap Sorter: Quality Control to detect and reject pieces not complying to technical specifications
  5. Box Shifter: Feeding System for multiple boxes