Industrial water chiller UNI

Modular self-contained air-cooled water chillers UNI are equipped with one refrigeration circuit and one compressor.

UNI are air-cooled condenser chillers with centrifugal fan. The models are designed to be installed indoors and are able to be equipped with air-ducts.

In winter hot air can be forwarded from the chiller to production or stock shops. In summer hot air can be blown out of the chilling room outdoors.

Main specifications:

  • Frame and closing panels made of galvanized steel hot painted with polyester powder
  • Modular design providing easy installation in parallel to increase cooling capacity
  • Scroll hermetic compressor
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Pressurized tank
  • Shell and tube evaporator
  • Finned coil condenser
  • Soft start system providing smooth start of the centrifugal fans (UNI 25-39)
  • Microprocessor temperature control
  • Manual or automatic by-pass valve
  • Power supply 400V/3/50Hz
  • Ecological refrigerant gas


  • Mechanical water filter
  • Stand-by pump
  • Non-standard pump
  • Compressor soundproofing
  • Chiller cabinet soundproofing
  • Soft start system providing smooth start of the centrifugal
  • Hour/day/weekly timer
  • Remote control panel
  • Automatic by-pass valve

On request the units can be supplied

  • For application in a hot climate
  • For extrusion applications
  • For outdoor installations
  • Models with integrated free-cooling (UNI 10-19)
  • Special voltages