Biogas chillers

A complete line of chillers designed and created for the biogas. A range of 22 chillers for cooling biogas plants from 85 Nm3 of biogas to 6800 Nm3.

IBC chillers provides chillers for the biogas field since 1996. With its chillers currently 220,000 Nm3 of biogas are transformed into electricity.

More than 280 units have been installed in our Italian home-market and around the world meeting our  customers satisfaction.

IBC chillers chillers for biogas are based on standard units designed for heavy industrial applications.

Thus they take advantage of a standardized quality manufacturing process and a generous design of all the components.

Our standard units can chill biogas streams from 85 to 6.800 m3/h.

Standard equipment includes all the protections to guarantee a reliable and efficient long life operation.

On most of the units high efficiency EC fans are available to increase energy saving.

Standard electro-mechanical interface is available.

Electronic interface is available upon request.