Blauwer s.p.a. designs and manufactures cooling systems and temperature control units for industrial applications.
More than 180 models of water chillers with cooling capacity from 3 to 880 kW are available.
Chillers are produced both in the air cooled and in the water cooled versions.
In addition to the individual chillers, Blauwer s.p.a. supplies large central cooling systems, with possibility of designing and of installing the complete piping system.
In order to reduce to minimum the electrical energy requirements, Blauwer s.p.a. manufactures also free coolers with high performing adiabatic systems.

The Free-cooling range with models from 104 to 1400 kW are proposed in two versions:

  • SDS models working with glycol
  • SDA self-draining models working without glycol

Blauwer s.p.a. designs and manufactures temperature control units suitable for different industrial applications, with single zone or multi-zone units.
The temperature control units can operate with water, pressurized water and diathermic oil. More than 150 standard models are available. Taylor made units are produced for special applications.

The new range of innovative temperature control units gives Blauwer s.p.a. a leading role in the world of the aluminium die-casting.
Existing temperature controllers mainly working with diathermic oil require a lot of electrical energy.

Temperature controllers grant extremely high energy savings.
They are designed for high operation flexibility and for very simple installation.
Their use, together with the Free cooler cooling system, grants a very short ROI.