Repair and maintenance of chillers

IBC Plastic LLC is the official representative of the Italian company Blauwer on the territory of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union, which has been confirmed by corresponding documents. We carry out the calculation, selection, installation, montage, maintenance of the chillers, as well as warranty and urgent repair of the chillers not only produced by Blauwer, but also from other global and Russian manufacturers, including Industrial Frigo, York, McQuay, MTA, Eurochiller, Ferolli, General Climate, Van Der Heijden Labortechnik GmbH, Clint, GEA, Erbay, GWK, NED, Carrier, Hitecsa, NED, GREE, Dantex, Airwell, CTA, Gursu, Rhoss, Angara, Moretto, Piovan, Euroklimat, Shini , PCA, Delta, Aytek, Xyron-Holod, Island, Holtek, Vactek-Holod, Vesa, Soyuz-Kholod, OMI, Lessar, Aqua Machine, Huare, Spitzenreiter, RC Group, Hitema, Frigo Block, VatBuz, Isi-Tan, Thermocouple, Single, Cofely, Planer, Aquatech, Aerotek, L & R Kaltete chnik, Darpin, Cooltech, Eyrkul, Frimec, Corema, Nova Frigo, Aski, Climaveneta, Clivet, ECSO, Rehsler, Trane and others.

In terms of service, our customers are absolutely any enterprise that uses chillers for cooling equipment, processes or air conditioning. Forced shutdown of production equipment due to chiller failure leads, as a rule, to the total production shutdown, which means considerable financial losses, often commensurate with the cost of the refrigeration equipment itself. In this regard, the speed of response plays a very significant role. The repair of chillers, which are technological complex equipment, requires the highest qualification of service engineers, who in our company have a special education and considerable experience in this field. Even if you purchased a chiller in another company, you can always order chiller service - the price for maintenance is always formed on an individual basis - mutually beneficial conditions are possible.

All industrial chillers are expensive equipment, which is designed for a long service life, but for the extension of the time it is necessary to conduct timely diagnostics and maintenance of the chillers. Proper installation of chillers plays a significant role in their performance. Often in enterprises they have to work in harsh conditions. High temperatures, absence or imperfection of the ventilation system - both supply and exhaust, excessive amount of dust that clogs the condenser, worsens the heat transfer, leads to a critical increase in the condensation temperature and premature aging of the equipment. In such operating conditions, the chiller needs regular maintenance (at least 1-2 times per year). Technically, the correct maintenance of the chiller reduces the probability of equipment failure, and some breakdowns, which are predictable, allow you to schedule a scheduled repair of the chiller (the price for annual maintenance of the chiller is formed individually).

Chiller repair is sometimes time-consuming, time-consuming, and in some cases requires the competence of several specialists at once. Sometimes it may be necessary to order new components, sometimes taking several weeks or even. Many people have the problem of tuning controllers in chillers of rare models, which were delivered along with entire technological lines. Engineers of our company repair chillers of any capacity and any kind. An unshakable rule of the company is to start repairing the chiller only after a complete diagnostics of the equipment carried out by a specialist of our company that detects the cause of the malfunction. Our company maintains a direct connection with various suppliers of refrigeration equipment components, and this clearly allows us to shorten the period of troubleshooting the chiller and reduce the customer's expenses.

The service department of our company is represented by the employees of the highest qualification with many years of experience - we make repairs and maintenance of the chillers at the highest level. There is all the necessary list of tools, as well as a spare parts warehouse for repairing chillers, as well as other refrigeration equipment. Often, it is thanks to this that the warranty maintenance or repair of the chiller (Moscow or regions - does not matter) is performed immediately after the diagnosis.


When the chiller repair work is completed, you will receive detailed recommendations on the further operation of the equipment, as well as the opportunity to conduct staff training. Despite the complexity of the work, all the necessary actions are carried out urgently, at the place of installation, at a certain time, without expensive transportation of equipment to the service center. For all works on the installation and repair of chillers and other refrigeration equipment, performed by our highly qualified specialists, as well as on spare parts, a warranty is provided.

Often, the personnel serving the chillers in production do not have sufficient competence to diagnose the problem. Therefore, in the event of an alarm on the chiller controller, a specialized service is urgently called. Often this is not necessary, and it is possible to solve the malfunction or repair the chillers yourself. The engineers of our company will remotely, by telephone, have a qualified consultation for free, and also optimize your expenses both now and in the future - therefore, we recommend calculating the chiller maintenance cost in our company immediately after its purchase.

Sometimes, when purchasing equipment, installation of the chiller is required directly on the customer's technical site. Our specialists professionally perform the installation and installation of chillers, as well as their piping - we produce the installation of the chiller "turnkey" - including its connection to all necessary communications, i.e. - We fully control the commissioning of the equipment. When installing on the customer site - for the "Chiller Installation" service, the price may vary depending on your specifications

Installation of the chiller usually assumes:

  • Mounting the chiller on a specially prepared frame or platform;
  • Installation of vibration isolation (vibration shocks);
  • Installation of weatherproof and noise-absorbing structures;
  • Installation of the hydraulic circuit;
  • Filling the circuit with coolant.

The cost of installing the chiller also depends on its type - installing a chiller with remote condensers requires the installation of a freon line, and when using a water condenser or a free-cooling system in a chiller, it is also necessary to install a cooling tower. Installation of the chiller is highly skilled work, requiring well-coordinated work of highly experienced specialists from different spheres, and it should be entrusted only to the organizations that are inspected.

Specialists of our company perform the following types of work:

  • Mounting the chiller;
  • Chiller commissioning;
  • Elimination of refrigerant leaks;
  • Refilling the chiller with freon;
  • Repair and replacement of compressors;
  • Replacement of shell-and-tube and plate heat exchangers;
  • Repair of heat exchangers;
  • Flushing of evaporators;
  • Repair and replacement of pumps;
  • Repair of fans;
  • Configuring controllers;
  • Routine maintenance.