Calculation and selection of the chiller

If you need help in selecting the chiller, find out the cost of the chiller or buy it, then you can contact all questions in IBC Plastic. Specialists trained at the factory Blauwer in Italy will help make the right choice at the crucial moment when you decide to purchase a chiller. Chiller selection should be made taking into account the configuration and options that will be optimal for the solution of the tasks. Many factors affect the cost of the chiller - the necessary cooling capacity, the variant of execution, the required settings for operation, etc.

Based on your tasks, the engineers of our company will help you choose the most optimal delivery option when you make the final decision to buy a reliable and high-quality chiller. Fill out the application for the equipment - and the estimate for the installation of the chiller will be made in the shortest possible time.

In the event that you have a chiller or a third-party cooler installed in your project, or you plan to buy a chiller manufactured by Industrial Frigo, York, McQuay, MTA, Eurochiller, Ferolli, General Climate, Van Der Heijden Labortechnik GmbH, Clint, GEA, Erbay, GWK, NED, Carrier, Hitecsa, NED, GREE, Dantex, Airwell, CTA, Gursu, Rhoss, Angara, Moretto, Piovan, Euroklimat, Shini, PCHS, Delta, Aytek, Xyron-Holod, Island, Holtek, Vactek-Holod, Veza, Soyuz-Kholod, OMI, Lessar, Aqua Machine, Huare, Spitzenreiter, RC Group, Hitema, Frigo Block, VatBuz, Isi-Tan, Thermocoule, Single, Cofely, Planer, Aquatech, Aerotek, L & R Kaltetechnik, Darpin, Cooltech, Ericul, Frimec, Corema, Nova Frigo, Aski, Climaveneta, Clivet, ECSO, Rehsler, Trane or whatever, we can always To put you an analogue from the Blauwer with the best price / quality ratio.