Our factory in Serbia

It’s a long time since our company proved itself to be the supplier of reliable equipment. It is widely known that we will never sacrifice a technical decision for the sake of cost reduction.

In order to make our equipment more available for most of the enterprises that need industrial cooling we arranged a facility in Serbia where we started serial production of chillers.

To optimize costs we produce industrial chillers serially by means of industrial assembly method which together with optimal unification and logistics allowed us to create a cheaper chiller in comparison with the Italian counterparts without losing the quality of components and assembly.

Each unit after assembly takes multistage testing which allows us to provide a 24-month guarantee.

Chillers manufactured in our factory in Serbia and assembly quality are superior to all counterparts available on the market. We use only the best components and technical solutions.

Several solutions used in the design of SimpleX unit:

  • rigid chassis,
  • oversized condenser,
  • compact design,
  • reliable protection system and safety devices

All this allowed to produce a chiller with excellent features and increased efficiency while maintaining optimal cost. Thus these chillers are among the most available on the market for Russian enterprises.

Industrial chillers produced by IBC Systems are always available at a competitive price and are always in stock.