IBC Plastic is the member of Pegaso Industries S.p.a. and specializes in the introduction of complex solutions for any needs of enterprises in industrial cooling and temperature control.

Our company is the official representative of Blauwer s.p.a. - a leading European manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment.

We offer a full range of services and solutions allowing us to give our customers a complete solution so that they do not have to waste time and money.

High growth rates of production and financial indicators allows us to invest constantly in new activities - modern and innovative - and propose for the market new products that are exclusive in their class.

IBC Plastic carries out its activities in more than 10 countries, including European ones, and has regional offices and representatives in all strategically important regions. The central office is located in Moscow, from which we manage the activities of the company, as well as regional offices.

More than 200 highly qualified specialists in their fields and skilled workers labor today in IBC Plastic. They have gained unique experience and knowledge and they are always ready to share them with their customers and partners.

Our partners and suppliers are the companies with a noted reputation which became known famous now in Russia thanks to IBC Plastic. Only a company with stainless reputation and high quality equipment and services can become our partner.