Our company makes qualified repair of chillers, regardless of the type of model, condition and life of the equipment.

High-level professionals make accurate diagnostics, identify the cause of the breakdown, and quickly and efficiently eliminate it.

All necessary materials, spare parts and accessories are available. When repairing, only original parts and materials are used.

Chiller Service
The conclusion of an agreement with our company for servicing chillers ensures the maintenance of optimal functionality and continuous operation of the equipment.

Maintenance involves regular checking of all performance indicators, settings, the performance of individual units and the system as a whole.

This service allows you to avoid downtime and premature decommissioning of equipment.

A prerequisite for operation is compliance with all requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer regarding use, storage, maintenance and repair.

IBC Plastic specialists repair and service any equipment used in our country, providing written guarantees.

Repair of chillers in Moscow and the Moscow region

Our service center is always ready to help you. We make repair of chillers at a high professional level and in record time, offering services to interested organizations such as:

  • Diagnostics - identification of malfunctions and causes that led to their appearance;
  • elimination of refrigerant leaks, filling the refrigeration unit with freon;
  • repair of all control systems and automatic control units;
  • repair of all basic electromechanical components:
  • electric motors, compressors, etc.;
  • restoration of tightness, washing and repair of heat exchangers.

In addition to repair work, we carry out preventive measures and maintenance of refrigeration units:

  • filter replacement;
  • oil change in the compressor;
  • measurement of pressure of refrigerant and oil;
  • checking the functioning of automation;
  • preservation of equipment for the winter;
  • other service operations.

Professional Service Center

 The success of our business depends not only on the professionalism of employees, but also on the material and technical equipment.

Our service center is fully equipped with modern instrumentation, tools and consumables. Original spare parts and parts obtained through direct deliveries from manufacturers are always available in our warehouse.

Chiller Repair Warranty

Serious and conscientious attitude to work allows us to confidently guarantee uninterrupted functioning of the cooling units repaired by us. Any repair of chillers is accompanied by the issuance of long-term warranty for all replaced components and parts, as well as for work on their installation and connection.