Industrial water coolers - chillers (water chiller), used in industrial plants experiencing the need for cooling process equipment.
Industrial chillers for cooling water have different configurations and versions that allow you to choose the optimal system for each case, since industrial cold is used in industries with different operating conditions, we offer the following range of refrigeration machines:

  • Air-cooled Packaged Condenser Packaged Water Coolers
  • Water Cooled Condenser Coolers
  • Water coolers with remote condensers
  • Precision laser chillers
  • Thermoillers

The most common installation with air cooling due to ease of installation and connection to communications and ease of maintenance. The cost of monoblock coolers is lower compared to similar models with remote and water cooled condensers.
Industrial chillers supplied by our company allow to cool both water and various process fluids such as: a mixture of water with ethylene glycol, demineralized and deionized water, lubricant-coolants (lubricants), oils, various liquids with high viscosity, contaminated liquids.