New modern testing room for chillers


From the beginning of this year, in combination with a renovation of the production lines according to the lean philosophy, Green Box has started a new modern testing plant at the end of the production lines of the industrial chillers.

A second one has been settled in June this year.

They are related t the production lines for chillers (up to 900 kW the first, up to 250 kW the second) and for free coolers and pumping groups.

Another testing apparatus has been settled for temperature controllers in all the possible versions.

These projects has been developed by an internal team of technical persons to best meet the company requirements.

Using recovery solutions the chillers can create themselves the actual working conditions required by the specific project with no extra power consumption. It is therefore possible to test the chillers in different working conditions (water or brine flow rate and temperature, ambient temperature, required by the specific project.

It is also possible to run the unit at the right voltage and frequency as per the final destination.

Performances can also be monitored to compare them to the design parameters.

Many tests have already been done for tropical working conditions.

Quality of the tests have been improbe reducing the testing time of the chillers (dead times).

Green Box allows the client to follow the tests of the coolin units they have ordered.