K show 2016 in Düsseldorf


Green Box will be present at the K International Plastic show in Düsseldorf. We will show the news in industrial refrigeration, thermoregulation, cap treatment solution for the plastics industry.

You will find us in hall 10 stand H81.

Dear all We are pleased to send you a short preview of what will be presented by Green Box at the K 2016 exhibition. Some of the units are absolutely new.

These are the new machines we will present (in yellow colour the new developments):

  • MR 0910/FC air cooled water chiller with integrated free-cooler
  • New small Free-cooler FCM 45/EC with micro-channel batteries and with SSS misting sprayer (in operation)
  • New TBP200/9 temperature control unit with pressurized water at 200°C
  • New Mould Dryer MDE 20
  • Complete "Capbox" quality control system for closures, including the new Capsorter (machine in operation)
  • Dual T 400 special dynamic mould temperature control unit
  • MINIBOX 0510/2/T6 water cooled water chiller with two thermoregulating zones
  • MVD 2/6 two zones temperature control unit with direct cooling
  • MICROBOX temperature control unit.

Let's see a bit more in details all the new developments.

  1. New small Free-cooler FCM 45/EC with micro-channel batteries. There is only one model (not a complete range). It is suitable for applications where very small cooling capacity is required . This is another application of the new microchannel batteries used in the chiller series MR 0510/FC .. MR 1910/FC.
  2. New temperature controllers TBP180/9 working with pressurized water up to 180°C and TBP200/9 working with pressurized water up to 200°C. The units have compact dimensions (400 x 920 x 890(H) mm). TBP180/9 and TBP200/9 have 9 kW heating power and are especially designed for small/medium size injection moulding machines where more frequently high tech engineering plastics are used.
  3. New Mould Dryer MDE 20. This is the first machine of the new MDE series of Mould Dryers, which have been designed taking care of high efficiency .
  4. At our stand we will present the Dual T 400 dynamic mould temperature unit. We are pleased to inform you that we added a new model the the DUAL T series : this is the model Dual T 200 with heating power of 18 kW. This new model, having compact dimensions, is suitable for small/medium size injection moulding machines. The Dual T series is especially designed for applications where it is necessary to reduce the cycle time and/or to improve the quality of the products. All the Dual T units send alternatively cold and warm water (up to 180°C) to the mould during the cycle time. They are equipped with PLC to be connected with the injection machine . The main advantages of the customer are: - shorter cycle time thanks to the extremely short commutation time between the two temperatures - aesthetics improvements of the surface finishing (aspect / brightness / no junction lines or reduced junction lines) - dramatic reduction of the defects, related to shrinkage, partial filling and deformations The dynamic moulding temperature controllers can be equipped with 4 / 8 / 12 zone manifolds.
  5. New Cap sorter: made completely in Italy, with 6 cameras for the quality control of the caps.

We will also have other units running at some OEM’s booth:

  • one air-cooled chiller model MR-H 252/2 at Erema recycling line placed in outdoor area FG09.1 
  • one complete cooling system composed of one air-cooled chiller model MR-H 302/2, one Free Cooler model FC 21/90 with SSS and some booster pumps at Husky outside Hall 13. This system could be completely monitored via web with smartphone or tablet.
  • one water-cooled chiller with integrated TCU model MINIBOX 0710/1/T12-HP at Negri Bossi (Hall 15 – Booth B22) 
  • one air-cooled chiller model MR 0910 at AMUT (Hall 3 – Booth E40) 
  • one air-cooled chiller model MR3 at OMSO (Hall 4 – Booth B44) 
  • one air-cooled chiller model PB 81 at OMV (Hall 4 – Booth C56)

New developments, which are not shown at the K Fair, and are available starting from the K Fair are:

  • new series of free-coolers FCN with cooling capacities from 70 to 340 kW with delta 10°C 
  • new chillers with integrated free-cooler MR-H 201 FCM, MR-H 251 FCM, MR-H 301 FCM .

These models with microchannel free-cooler offer an alternative solution at lower prices to the existing models MR-H 201 FC, MR-H 251 FC, MR-H 301 FC (which keep on being produced).

We remind you that the fair will be kept in Düsseldorf from Wednesday the 19th to Wednesday the 26th of October.

We really hope that it will be possible for you to come and visit the fair. We will be pleased to present you with all the new machines in a much better way than what it is possible to do in a written message.