Adiabatic Nebulizing System BREEZE SYSTEM

Adiabatic Nebulizing System BREEZE SYSTEM

Since many years we made a spray system, which has been sold and used several times by many customers.

The old system consists of a pipe fitted with spraying nozzles.

The nozzles nebulise the water and in this way the cooling capacity is increased by humidification of the air around the Free-cooler.

Adiabatic Nebulizing System BREEZE SYSTEM uses the same theoretical principle of the old one with a big difference: while in the old system the nozzles are connected to the city or to a standard water supply (pressure 2 – 4 bar), the Adiabatic Nebulizing System BREEZE SYSTEM is provided with a special pump giving extremely high pressure (pressure 50 – 60 bar).

It is obvious that the nozzles are quite different and they are designed to resist to the extremely high pressure.

This pressure grants a fantastic nebulising effect, which gives as final result a high saturation of the air and therefore an extremely good increase of the cooling capacity.

Obviously the increase of the cooling capacity depends on the ambient temperature and on the relative humidity.

The higher is the difference between dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, the larger is the increase of the free-cooler cooling capacity.

Adiabatic Nebulizing System BREEZE SYSTEM is unbelievably more performing of the old one and as a final result in many applications it will be possible to use only the free cooler with no need of a chiller.

This fact could cause a dramatic reduction in the system efficiency.

Just to resume, the Adiabatic Nebulizing System BREEZE SYSTEM gives the following advantages:

  • absolute warranty to avoid any dirty effect or any clogging of the heat-exchangers, thanks to the use of a new type of sprayers and of the polyurethane filters. In this way the mist spraying system can be used in a regular way without any problem
  • water operating temperature between 2° and 5°C lower than the ambient temperature whenever the relative humidity is lower than 50