Pumping groups HPS

Pumping station (pump group)  - a complex system for pumping liquids from one place to another, includes the following equipment mounted on the frame: pumping units (working and standby) — pumps, pipelines and auxiliary devices (for example, pipe fittings).

Pumping stations  are used to circulate coolant between the consumer (equipment cooled) and cooling equipment (chiller, free-cooler, etc.), as a rule, pumping stations are used in conjunction with a free-cooling device that comes without a pump. pump groups are also used in conjunction with chillers that do not have their own pump due to limited dimensions or the use of a high power pump.

In the manufacture of pump groups, we use EBARA stainless steel  pumps , which have the best quality-price ratio.

The pump sets are completed with Blauwer control panels. The control panels are equipped with protective devices to protect pumps from voltage surges and other abnormal situations.

As rule, the pumping groups offered by us are supplied complete with cooling equipment — a dry cooling tower or a chiller.

If you are interested in the selection of a pumping station for a dry cooling tower — you can fill out the form below.