Three way valves

The three-way valve regulates the temperature of the fluid in an automatic mode, for which it is equipped with a drive system, which, in turn, receives signals from various sensors.

The actuator, which is mounted on a three-way mixing valve, can be electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. In this case, the most widely used valve has a three-way with electric, which can carry out very precise adjustment.

In central and energy-saving systems, three-way valves are used to switch the flow of coolant to the equipment from frikulera or from chillers, depending on the ambient temperature, thereby, by directing the coolant from the free-cooler to the equipment, we achieve the use of low ambient temperatures for cooling coolant and energy savings.

Also, three-way valves are used in cooling systems built on water-cooled chillers, in the summer when the air temperature is high, a dry cooling tower (free-cooler) cools the water-cooled condenser of the chiller, and in the winter coolant directly flows into the equipment cooling circuit bypassing the condenser, thereby not cooling the equipment chiller is used.

In the case of large capacities of refrigeration systems, and as a consequence of large diameter pipe fittings, solenoid valves are used, they are installed in the system in pairs, one in the “closed” position, the second in the “open” position, such a system is cheaper and easier to operate.

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