Pressure tanks

Pressure tanks  are usually used in high power cooling systems and serve as cold water accumulators in cases when the volume of the tank built into the chiller is insufficient or it is not designed constructively there.

The design of the tanks allows you to use them as a kind of collector — they can have several flanges for connecting both sources of chilled water (chillers or frikulers) or several consumers (extruders, injection molding machines, etc.).

The tanks are designed to work under pressure and, accordingly, are equipped with all necessary valves and devices for this, to prevent changes in the temperature of the coolant in the tank, they are fully insulated.

In case of need tanks are completed with pump groups, heat exchangers, etc.

If you need to calculate and select a tank of a certain volume, you can call the required water consumption or cooling capacity by phone or via the feedback form located below.