Water/glycol automatic filling

Glycol filling systems are necessary for automatic replenishment of the cooling circuit of equipment with a coolant — a mixture of water and ethylene glycol (propylene glycol).

In the process, there are often situations in which it is necessary to replenish the cooling circuit with liquid, and if, in the case of system operation in clean water, there are no problems with filling the circuit, since it is necessary to connect the chiller equipped with an automatic filling system to the water supply system and the replenishment will be carried out automatically due to the pressure difference. then in the case when the chiller or free-cooler is installed on the street, it is necessary to fill the circuit with antifreeze — in this case, the system of automatic topping up of the water-glycol mixture helps us.

The system is very reliable and easy to use, and allows you to maintain the desired level of glycol concentration in the water automatically. It is only necessary to fill a 300 liter tank with a mixture of water and glycol in the right proportion, and then the installation will automatically add it to the cooling circuit.

The system of automatic topping-up of the water-glycol mixture is installed in front of the chiller or free-cooler, at the point where the pressure in the system is the lowest.

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