Filters and fittings

Filters and fittings are an integral part of any cooling system.

When designing the manufacture of pipelines, we use a variety of components that directly affect the quality of work of the system as a whole, as well as of its individual elements — chillers and consumers.

As a rule, the following components are used in cooling systems: ball valves, mechanical filters, thermometers, automatic by-passes, check valves, three-way valves, system air release valves, etc.

The piping system of the cooling system can be made of either metal or plastic pipes, our engineers and the installation team have the best equipment for the installation of pipelines and have extensive experience in their manufacture.

When designing cooling systems, we take into account all the nuances, and achieve perfect system operation after its manufacture.

When we buy refrigeration equipment from us, we make a project and make a quote for mounting components and work absolutely free.

You can order the manufacture of the cooling system both from us and from a third-party installation organization.